Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans


Who is Hampton Bay? Hampton Bay is one the top selling companies of ceiling fans, lights and furniture. It is an outlet company for one of the biggest retail companies in America. Hampton Bay Ceiling fans is a leader in the industry and its products combine beauty with state-of-the-art technology.

In the past, ceiling fans were purely a means of circulating air to provide cooling and did not provide much in the way of esthetic beauty to a room. Today Hampton Bay Fans are not only functional but make a positive contribution to the décor of a room.

The fancy fans come with attached, fancy lamps and blades made from canvas and palm leaves to natural wood and glass, from French Scavo style to vintage tiffany style. These fans are given excellent finishes like pewter, brushed nickel, bronze and antique copper. In addition, they save energy, run with greater velocity, cool the room quickly and come with a remote that can help you control the fan’s speed. The heart of the fan is a Powerplux motor which can last a lifetime.

You would expect products that come with so many features to be expensive but the truth is you can purchase a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan for as little as $50.

Listed here is a small sampling of Hampton Bay Ceiling fans. At the bottom of the page you’ll find a link that will allow you to view an extended list of these fans.

Hampton Bay Roanoke 48 in. Indoor/Outdoor Natural Iron Ceiling Fan

The flush-mount design of the Hampton Bay Roanoke 48 in. Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan makes this fan ideal for installation in areas with low ceilings. The fan features a natural iron finish with 5 reversible natural iron/walnut blades and a dome-style light kit with amber scavo glass for a stylish, transitional look. The 5 reversible blades allow you to change your decor style without replacing the entire unit. This fan features a 13.5-degree blade pitch for optimal air movement and a Bracket Set system that provides quick installation and quiet, wobble-free operation. Also included is an integrated 3-light kit with dome-style, amber scavo glass and a 3-speed reversible control. A flush-mount design is ideal for use in areas with low ceilings. Weather-resistant blades and wet rating allow for outdoor use. It uses three 40-watt incandescent candelabra bulbs, included

Hampton Bay Brookedale II 60 in. Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

This fan features an illuminated, alabaster housing and matching bowl-style light kit in alabaster glass for a contemporary look that enhances large, modern rooms. The fan can be used with the 12 in. extension downrod and optional scroll piece for a stylish look or the 4-1/2 in. downrod, depending on the room style or ceiling height.

The 5 reversible walnut/elm blades make it easy to change your decor style without purchasing new blades. Also included is a 6-light illuminated housing and 3-light bowl-style light kit with alabaster glass. A handheld remote control with independent uplight/downlight offers easy control of the fan’s 3-speed reversible settings. An optional decorative scroll piece adds a contemporary touch. This fan is for indoor use and uses six 15-watt small candelabra bulbs in the illuminated housing and three 40-watt candelabra bulbs in the light kit which are included.

Hampton Bay Glendale 52 in. Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan Model # AG524-BN

The Hampton Bay Glendale 52 in. ceiling fan adds a touch of transitional style to your home with its frosted glass and brushed-nickel finish. The 5 blades are reversible in mahogany or maple finishes to make it easy to change your decor without needing to replace the entire fan. The motor features 3 speeds of operation with a reversible control, while the Bracket Set system offers speedy installation and quiet operation with little wobbling. The fan comes with a 3-light light kit, including three 13-watt CFL bulbs. This fan is designed for interior use.

Hampton Bay ceiling fans are an excellent choice for those seeking quality, style, and reliability. You’ll find a great selection of Hamptom Bay Ceiling Fans over at the Home Depot Site.

How to Select Children’s Ceiling Fans

When we pick a ceiling fan for ourselves, the functionality might be the first thing to think about, however when it comes to kid’s ceiling fans, then you might need to think about more than functionality. A good kid’s ceiling fan will not only keep children comfortable but also can show their personalities. Many kid’s ceiling fan can relate to different interests or hobbies by the color, design and shape it has which can add a little playful touch to a kid’s room or it can be a good way to start a conversation.

kids ceiling fans

How to Select Children’s Ceiling Fans

Size– it is the first factor to think about when picking a kids ceiling. Since too small will not be able to keep them comfortable and too big could danger them when it is easy to reach. You need to measure the length and width of your children’s room and multiply that number by two in square feet. Then you can select the right size kids ceiling fan base on that number.

Style and Design– they are also very important especially for kids ceiling fans. You can make your decision based on your kid’s interests or hobbies. The easiest way to pick the perfect fan is to bring them with you, and let them pick their favorite. In this process, you can help them by picking the one that they like but also go well with their room’s décor.

Convenience– while the kid perspire when they play around in the bedroom or play room. A good kid ceiling fan can always keep them cool. With a kids ceiling fan that has a lighting features which can illuminated every corner of the room can improve the safety during play.

Benefits of kids ceiling fans
1. Health and Wellness– a kid’s ceiling fan can ventilate the room properly which mean to improve the quality of air that is good for the children’s health. In addition, they cannot only cool down a child but also prevent them from over exhaustion.
2. Energy and Savings– by using a ceiling fan instead of air condition. It can reduce about 40% of your average energy bill during the hot summer mounts, 10% off during the cold seasons. You can choose one with Energy Star-rated ceiling fan for better results.
3. Fun and expressive– they can be fun and expressive when they have something or everything to do with your kid’s hobby or interests. The purpose of kid’s ceiling fan is not just ventilated the room but can also give a kid’s personality touch to the room.

Best Ceiling Fan That Combine Quality And Style

You can think of purchasing a ceiling fan as an investment which could save you more money. By choosing best ceiling fans with very cheap price you might think you just save lots of money on ceiling fan compare to other idiots who spend a lot more on it. However, with a high performance ceiling fan you need to know that it might need a lot more maintenance which could cost you some money and it will only last for very short time before you need to buy another one to replace it. With high-quality ceiling fans, you will need to pay more upfront, however, the cost of maintenance and cost for a replace is not going to need which mean it can eventually can save you more money. Therefore if you choose a ceiling fan for you and your family, choose one of the best ceiling fan brands is the smart move.

best ceiling fans

Monte Carlo Homeowner Max 52”
Monte Carlo Homeowner Max 52” is also one of the best celling ceiling fan in the market. It not only has a beautiful look but also has high performance. This ceiling fan has 52 inch blades for a very larger space. The energy star it has guaranteed you even with the powerful motor it will not use extra energy to operate

Emerson Loft 60”
Emerson is one of the best celling ceiling fan brands for a century. The Emerson Loft 60” is also well-liked ceiling fan for outdoors. It’s got 3 steel blades with a look of industrialization which is suitable for many outdoor places. It can provide with a strong airflow with 3 efficiency blades. The whole look is quite modern and uptown. Also you can buy a remote control for this outdoor ceiling fans for more convenience.

Casablanca Holliston 60”
Casablanca is a well-known brand are devoted itself to making both function and artistic ceiling fans for their customers. Casablanca Holliston 60” has 5 blades are not only provided with strong airflow but also are made with bronze. It has an adjustable lighting features for different use. You can change to up light for little ambiance or you can use it like down light for reading a book. The XLP motor it build in has a lifetime warranty to make you feel secure. It also has a light dimmer on the wall control that you can dim your light for a good night’s sleep.